• The child stick both teeth at the play area, and think of what is good and bad for them.
  • The child revises good and bad eating habits.
  • And learns about the consequences of unhealthy meals, by sticking food products onto the healthy or the bad tooth.
  • Set of reusable stickers. The set is meant for flat surfaces (floors, furniture, walls).
  • The product can be reused even if it gets crumpled.

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“Keeping my Teeth Healthy” consists of reusable stickers for children that provide both play and learning.

  • The child revises good eating habits along with Kiki the Fox.
  • This is a great starting point for a discussion concerning healthy teeth or dentist appointment with the child.
  • This play can motivate children to take care of their teeth.
  • The child practices concentration and visual perception, as well as manual and fine motor skills.
  • This set of EDULEPKI stickers is excellent both for home and kindergarten use.
  • It’s also perfect for dentist’s offices for children.
  • Easy to keep clean.


2 A4 sheets – 20 reusable educational stickers
Ideas for parents for shared fun and interesting ways of learning.

Set of reusable stickers.
For flat surfaces, such as: walls, furniture, windows, doors, floors, table.
The product can be reused even if it gets crumpled.

How to use EDULEPKI® stickers? (Click on the Link)

“Keeping my teeth healthy” connect with:
“Kiki the fox and his good habits”
“Putting on my shoes on my own”


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