1. EDULEPKI® are delivered by specialized couriers or through “Paczkomaty” INPOST.
  2. Cost of delivery:a. cost od delivery to Paczkomat INPOST (Polska) – 13.00 zł;
    b. courier mail INPOST, payment by transfer – 15.00 zł;
    c. parcel labelled cash on delivery – 18.00 zł;
    d. overseas shipment (Europe, North America, South America, Asia, Africa, Australia and Oceania) – be agreed

    In the case of orders delivered within the territory of Poland witch exceed 250 zł – DELIVERY IS FREE!

3. Detailed terms of delivery are defined by terms and conditions of delivery services performed by INPOST.

4. The Seller will inform the Buyer through an email of the Product being sent.

5. The Buyer will inform the Seller of non-delivery of the parcel, through an email sent to the following address:

6. If the notice referred to in the point 5 above is accepted, the Seller will immediately return to the Buyer, within 14 days, the whole of the payment amount.

7. If the Product is found to have been damaged during transport, the Buyer informs the Seller through an email address sent to, with a damage report attached, if the Buyer made such report.