Welcome to the world of the colorful EDULEPKI®  stickers created for the everyday use with the needs of our own children in mind.

EDULEPKI®  is a business build on the foundation of women partnership of two mums.

One of our daughters wears glasses and an eye patch. Usually, children don’t like to wear such accessories, so we decided to create “something” magical that would enchant the topic and help to deal with it. With this thought in mind, we created colorful stickers with characters that had visible visual impairments, whose glasses and eye patches can be repeatedly “put on and off”. The stickers fulfilled their function perfectly, as after a few days of playing with them the daughter started to eagerly wear the glasses and put the eye patch on.

Currently, EDULEPKI® stickers allow us to learn maths, geometrical shapes, colors, train our hands and feet, learn English and touch upon other topics significant for our children.

We want to share this fun with other children and their caregivers.

This is how the idea of helpful and colorful stickers, loved by all children, was born. And in the case of EDULEPKI® stickers, the child can play many, many times. Mums, don’t worry – you won’t have to scrub the glue residue off! 🙂

We invite the youngest and older to have fun together with the cheerful companion – red Kiki the Fox.

The print on EDULEPKI® stickers is ecologically certified and safe for the children and the environment.

EDULEPKI® floor stickers have a special non-slip layer which makes the play safe.

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